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What is Psychedelic Water?

A non-alcoholic herbal beverage containing mood-enhancing psychedelic substances such as kava root, damiana leaf, and green tea leaf extract to induce euphoria.

is the first legal psychedelic brand of its type, founded on the idea that psychedelics are more than just a drug; ‘psychedelic’ is a state of mind that propels inventors, mavericks, trailblazers, risk-takers, and free-thinkers. We’re spreading the word about psychedelics and creating mainstream products that will leave you with a tongue-tingling sense of happiness, cerebral clarity, and creative joy.

What is the active ingredient in Psychedelic Water?

Psychedelic Water, prepared with a one-of-a-kind blend of kava root, turnera diffusa leaf, and green tea leaf extract, generates a sense of exhilaration that is ideal for work, play, and the adventures that await.

South Pacific islanders have been drinking kava root for millennia as Fiji’s national drink. People have utilised this herb to melt away stress, leaving you with only pleasant, happy feelings. It is known as a natural source of relaxation.

This untamed bush has a filthy past. It was originally used as an aphrodisiac, with the intention of increasing sexual desire. It is now largely used to relieve tension and discomfort.


This antioxidant-rich, fat-burning super leaf is well-known for its numerous health advantages. Green tea contains caffeine, which we utilize to counteract the effects of kava – because we think that life is all about balance.

How does Psychedelic Water taste?

The kava and damiana leaf extract impart strong herbaceous notes into the drink, so those notes have to be countered by equally strong impressions of fruit and sweetness, which Psychedelic Water gets from both monk

How many psychedelic waters can I drink?

Doctors aren’t exactly sure how much kava a person can safely consume — the Psychedelic Water packaging says you shouldn’t have more than two cans at a time — and it’s been linked to several contentious reports of liver damage, which prompted a few nationwide bans


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